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A family of products that helps you remember and act upon ideas, projects and experiences across all the computers, phones and tablets you use. Evernote lets you easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

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Comments from some of those who selected Evernote as one of their Top Tools 

“brilliant organizer for cloud based and multi-device access” Danny Ortegon, 2014

“This helps me to remember and store those weblinks that I often come across serendipitously and which I don’t have time to read in the moment” Jenny Mackness, 2014

“Like many other people, I find Evernote to be an invaluable tool for varied tasks related to learning. In particular, Evernote makes it easy to save articles and jot down notes when you are researching a topic. You can download an Evernote web clipper tool for your browser (at the browser add-on site) to save articles for later reading. You can use Evernote to write down creative ideas on the fly, make to-do lists and automate tasks with IFTTT, which has thousands of Evernote recipes. Evernote can help you keep your information organized because of its simple structure: Notes can be tagged and collected into Notebooks. Then Notebooks can be collected into Stacks.”  Connie Malamed, 2014

“A great tool to use across my devices” Diane Lowery 2014
“my number 1 curation tool” Stephen Dale, 2014
“my bin for everything” 2014
“fab app to help track ideas and notes” Mike Collins, 2014
“note-taking, organizing ideas” Tracy Carroll 2014
“big part of my capture/ reflection approach (PKM)” 2014
“I use this app and website every single day” 2014

“evernote, shockingly easy tool for creating, organizing and accessing documents on multiple devices”  Danny Ortegon, 2013
“I use it everyday for planning / ideas /capturing any stray thoughts”  Colleen Young, 2013
“Evernote my idea bunker on the go and on the PC”  Urs Frei, 2013
“store everything!”  Helen Blunden, 2013
“used for everything personal and professional. Notes, checklists, etc. All devices all the time” Debra Robinson, 2013
“the place I store most things”  Charles Jennings, 2013
“all note taking, drafting, planning” Sam Oakley, 2013
“This is THE web tool to have. If I had to choose just one, Evernote is it. Hands down”  Tim Childers, 2013
“Use it to save and bookmark weblinks etc close contest between this and Diigo”  Mark Rollins, 2013
“wonderful cross-platform notetaking tool” 2013
“can organize anything and access it from anywhere, no matter what type of device”  Shannon Bosley, 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“I’m also getting hooked on this note taking tool for my iPhone too” Stephanie Horden

“Almost everything I write starts in Evernote. Blogposts, papers, lessonplans, etc. Even when I’m making notes on a piece of paper during a meeting, or scribble some ideas on a beernapkin, I take a photo with my iPhone camera and ’scan’ it into Evernote for further use. I’m using Twitter to tweet ideas, thoughts and information straight to Evernote. All my notes are synchronized between Evernote for desktop, iPhone app and web”. Jeroen Bottema

“Great way to archive digital and scanned paper documents, and find later. One of our customers built an impressive, award-winning Evernote demo, which you can learn more about and view here”. Gabe Anderson

“A new one for me and becoming central to how I work. Evernote is how I store all my work in progress, notes and research. Ideal because it has a desktop client but synchs up to an online database” Clive Shepherd