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Excel is used for a variety of reasons – from creating a simple gradebook to a sophisticated training management system.

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2015: 56 2014: 43 2013: 54 2012: 81 2011: 81 2010: – 2009: – 2008: 50= 2007: 27
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Comments from some of those who selected Excel as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2016

“I use to Excel to track training records.” Daniel Jones, Trainer/Instructor, Switzerland

“Use to create graphs, charts, and maintain learner certification records” Sherry Hansberry-Brown, Trainer/Instructor, USA

“Medium for treating student exercises and tests.” e-learning developer, Canada

“The best tool I know for estimation and reporting. All you need to know are a few basic formulae, and Excel can work wonders for you.” Srividya Kumar, Consultant, India

“The biggest joy for math nerds. Once one understands the formulas and turn tables (as the basic functions of Excel), the joys are endless of the different ways one can utilize the program to organize information.”  Bethany Langley, Instructional Technology Student, USA

“Excel is something I use everyday in my job to analyse and present data; I also use many spreadsheets for teaching. Of all the applications in the Office suite this stands out for me, the changes from Excel 2003 to 2007 with the massive improvements to conditional formatting for example make this one outstanding application.” Colleen Young, Primary/Secondary (K12) Teacher, USA

“powerful tool for novices managing lists to advanced users for data science applications” Kathy Berry, Consultant, USA

Previous comments

“like better than any spreadsheet program I have found – probably because I am used to it. This is my go to for many documents. My yearbook program requires it for merging information. I use it for personal and professional spreadsheet, whether it be accounting, lists, etc. I LOVE IT!!!!!” Virginia Goen, 2015

“used to create charts, plans and tracking for e-Learning programs and projects” Robert Craigo, 2015

“we program it with macros to track training”  Jeff Nelson 2013
“One of the most inevitable softwares for any body on this category of learning and teaching”  Brij Bhushan Huria 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“Whilst I’m not much of a PowerPointer, I use Word and Excel extensively. I particularly like Word’s Outliner; and there are many situations in which some of Excel’s easy-to-learn “advanced” features – like filters, conditional formatting and the like, save a lot of time and effort.”  Seb Schmoller

“I can’t imagine my work without Word, Excel and PowerPoint”  Jorge Goncalves

“For prototyping (technical prototypes) for programmers. I usually only review other’s work made in Excel, but it is very fast to do (being the leader of the gang with budget responsibility and on several boards of directors, this is not my primary use of Excel though 😉 ).” Ulrik Juul Christensen