36 – Feedly

feedlyDOWN 17 PLACES IN 2015

Feedly is an RSS reader that lets you organise, read and share the content of your favourite sites. It is now the only dedicated feed reader on the list.

Website: feedly.com
Cost: Free and premium versions
Availability: Online
2013: 19
2012: –
2011: –
2010: –
2009: –
2008: –
2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Feedly as one of their top tools

“is my feed reader to keep track of blogs and news sites via RSS” Harold Jarche, 2015
“all blogs in one place” Natalie Raeber, 2015
“Me proporciona una manera sencilla de acceder a las novedades en los blogs de mis autores favoritos.” Marta Toran, 2015

“This is my RSS reader. I spend a lot of time here – for each item that appears in OLDaily I read something like a hundred posts. I’m in the middle of a large scale reorganization of my feed sources. There’s so much out there, I think people don’t realize this.” Stephen Downes, 2014

“Feedly is my feed reader to keep track of blogs and news sites via RSS” Harold Jarche, 2014
“getting all the interesting blogs together” 2014
“the best feed reader on the market” Stephen Dale, 2014
“for bringing the world’s wisdom to me” Sergey Snegirev, 2014
“storage and access from multiple venues / home & work” Suleyman Eren, 2014

“staying up to date with blog subscriptions”  Natalie Raeber, 2013
“Information pull”  Urs Frei, 2013
“my new beautiful RSS reader”  Debra Robinson, 2013
“is my new feed reader, now that Google Reader has been shut down” Harold Jarche, 2013
“reader to replace Google Reader”  Sam Oakley, 2013
“moving to this Google Reader replacement”  Tim Childers, 2013