GarageBand is a personal recording studio — where it’s easy to make a song whether you’re a first-time musician or a seasoned pro

Not in the Top 100 in 2013

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Comments from some of those who selected GarageBand as one of their Top Tools 

  • “I’ve now produced over 170 episodes of my podcast, Teacher 2.0 using this tool, and although I’m now using the iLife ’09 version, this app is still a staple in my e-learning work.”  Rodd Lucier
  • “Part of the Apple iLife suite. Comes free with Macs. My personal podcasting assistant. Easy to use and integrates perfectly with all other Mac iLife tools.”  Kate Foy
  • “I just love this apple application. Make music, make podcasts, make vodcasts. The world is your oyster with this. Sorry for Windows users.”  Adam Sutcliffe