31 – Gmail


Gmail is a free web-based email service from Google. Also part of the Google Apps suite.

Website Cost Availability
gmail.com Free Online
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
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Comments from some of those who selected Gmail as one of their Top Tools 

“gmail for personal. For personal / professional purposes I use it to get notifications of blog posts, comments / discussions on social platforms (blogs, linkedin, meetup, even twitter sometimes) I’m involved in, register for events/webinars, and to discuss strategies, ideas etc with other facilitators in the learning communities that I help lead (edcontexts, Ozlearn, third place meetups)” Tanya Lau, 2014

Pre-2013 comments

“This is still one of my primary methods of communication with distance collaborators. I organize and archive my emails to make finding past conversations easy to find.”

“I live in Gmail – most of my work comes in via Gmail and I organise and prioritise my work there. Large storage, powerful search, conversations, tagging. I have stopped using the GTDinbox Gmail add-on for Firefox as it is too slow and many of the improvements in GMail allow you to implement this easily yourself using tags.” Brian Mulligan

“All my addresses are forwarded into my gmail account, which makes it convenient for checking my mail. I also use the gmail Tasks app to help me keep on track and avoid forgetting essentials” Joan Vinall-Cox

“Simple, reliable, sortable, with effective filters (including spam filters) and plenty of room for large files and archives. The included writing tools and survey tools form a significant part of my ‘cloud office’.”  Rodd Lucier

“Simple, reliable, sortable, with effective filters (including spam filters) and plenty of room for large files and archives.”  Rodd Lucier

“I started using GMail after some never-ending battles with spam. Not only is the spam gone, but GMail has a nice clean interface and a ton of free storage. With groups and labels, it is easy to put together mailing lists and retrieve specific e-mails that are archived. Even though the providers for my two websites provide multiple e-mail accounts, I find that I use GMail exclusively.”  Don Simmons