5 – Google Search



Google is a powerful search engine.  Often described as the only e-learning tool you’ll ever need.

Website Cost Availability
www.google.com Free Online
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
 4  4  15  11  8 6 3=

Comments from some of those who selected Google Search as one of their Top 10 Tools 

“Google search is the tool I use on a daily basis for both work and school to search for information and research issues that require in-depth study. As the worlds leading, and most popular search engine, the results made available afford me the ability to quickly discern what I can utilize as a reliable source.” Rob Wiltbank, 2014

“the core tool in my searching for answers for things” Clark Quinn, 2014
“gateway to the collective knowledge of the world” JD Dillon, 2014
“for finding any information” Sergey Litvinov, 2014

“finds almost everything – google alerts on fav keywords”  Thomas Jenewein, 2013
“All in mind, there on Google”  Akash Bhatia, 2013
“invaluable for those who can’t remember”  Charles Jennings, 2013
“seek and find”  Paul Jacobs, 2013
“making the vast amount of information available online accessible”  Shannon Bosley, 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“my outsourced brain”  Adam Schwartz

“I rarely use another search engine and can’t imagine using the Internet without this but who knows? I might be using Bing next year” Frances Bell

“you can find anything you want! All your questions are answered”  Marco Salas

“it’s my door to the Web”  Jochen Robes

“I think that Google is still the best search engine in web. If you need to find anything, try Google! ” Vaclav Friedrich

“The starting point of web research. High quality and pertinent search results” Karl Goddard

“Still the #1 knowledge portal in my book. It’s the root of all my searches and often leads off to other useful sites included in this list.” Rich Chetwynd

“it’s my universal finder and research tool, both online and on my hard drive”  Jay Cross

“My students use it constantly and so do I.  Any questions?  Ask Google.”  Kris Stanhope

“This search engine drives my learning.”  Anastasia Prynikova