Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 09.03.37Top  100 Tools for Learning 2014 GUIDEBOOK

“Thank you Jane  – it’s a brilliant resource.”

Completely revised and updated, the 2014 GUIDEBOOK provides you with even more information about each of the tools on the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2014 list – to help you make use of them for personal learning as well as for your professional practice. It includes

  • basic information (website, cost, availability as well as their rankings on the list 2007-2014) – as displayed on the web pages
  • key features together with screenshot(s)
  • links to useful free guides and resources

The 2014 GUIDEBOOK is available in PDF format and is 175 pages in length (i.e. between 1-3 pages per tool). It is suitable for educators, trainers as well as anyone looking to find out how to use new tools for personal and professional learning. Here are some example pages: Tools 93 – 95.

  • Purchase a personal copy – Cost: £12.50
    Available at Lulu where you can download the PDF immediately.
  • Purchase a site licence for unlimited use within your organisation – Cost £100
    Available at Lulu where you can download the PDF immediately