Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer (IE) is the web browser that comes as part of the Windows operating system, but upgrades are also available to download.

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Comments from some of those who selected Internet Explorer as one of their Top Tools 

“Yes, Firefox is ranked number one on the Top 100 list. I have tried using Firefox for a few months early 2007, but I suppose I have gotten too used to IE and its “Favorites” management. I simply find it difficult quitting IE. I suppose after all these years using IE as my main browser to the knowledge galaxy, it is difficult to let go. Though, I have both of them running on my PC, so I suppose sooner or later I will join the Firefox bandwagon (when it conquers IE in my mind).” Zaid Alsagoff

“I know there are other browsers but IE7 works for me and it does what it says on the tin. I know other browsers could probably do more but right now I don’t need the “more”.” Vaughan Waller