10 – LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the most popular business-oriented social network aimed at the professional community.

Website Cost Availability
www.linkedin.com Free and premium versions Online & Apps
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Comments from those who selected LinkedIn as one of their Top Tools 

“Really good for professional connections and keeping up with what others are doing career wise, great tool when job searching (to connect with recruiters, promote your skills / experience etc), discuss & comment on posts that are professionally relevant. Prior to using twitter I used to be involved much more heavily in the discussion groups in LinkedIn. Now I spread my time much more across different activiites and learning communities I’m involved in leading. However still find interesting discussions in LinkedIn groups. Also as it’s more ‘contained’ than my twitter network sometimes find it easier to see/find links to posts and comment on them. comments and conversations can sometimes be a bit more visible on a professional level because my LinkedIn network is smaller and more restricted to people I know professionally (compared with twitter, which is where I tend to get more new ideas from and am connected to a larger and more diverse network).” Tanya Lau 2014

“LinkedIn has been around for quite awhile and is often thought of as a networking tool for job seekers. But I also think of it as a social tool that enables discussions for people with common interests. The LinkedIn communities of practice are some of the best places to meet your peers and learn from the group conversations. If you haven’t yet joined any of these groups, access them through the LinkedIn Interests menu and select Groups. Then search for groups of interest by keyword.” Connie Malamed, 2014

“started using publisher for blogs, sharing content, contributing to groups, connections for business development and marketing” David Schindler, 2014
“still get value from groups” Mike Collins, 2014

“Linkedin Groups for asking questions – sometimes the timeline for infos”  Thomas Jenewein 2013
“Social medium for professionals”  Brij Bhushan Huria 2013
“the different groups I am a member of have been invaluabe to my learning”  Zifang Su 2013
“to connect with other learning professionals”  Mathew Guyan 2013
“I use this professionally but also teach sessions on using LinkedIn as part of my sessions on employability and creative CVs” Jayne Whistance 2013
“professional online CV”  Helen Blunden 2013
“helps maintain network, despite the increasing ‘noise'”  Charles Jennings 2013
“business contact and learning”  Paul Jacobs 2013
“This tool is invaluable to networking, especially for thought leadership and group discussion, getting ideas from outside of your company” Michelle Parry-Slater 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“Linkedin is the first social networking tool I have found that is useful and relevant and not intrusive.”  Brian Mulligan

“is my professional social networking platform. I didn’t use it much until it added some features like groups and other applications a short time ago. Now, I find myself using it more to ask and answer questions and to seek out expertise in particular subject matter areas.” Janet Clarey

“LinkedIn is my favorite tool to keep in touch with, or at least keep tabs on, other professionals.”  John Schaffer

“I find this social networking tool invaluable. Keeping in touch with people is a vital part of my life. LinkedIn helps me keep track of my professional contacts, and extend them.”  Don Taylor

“I use LinkedIn for building my professional network.”  Sathish Narayanan