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Mindjet (previously MindManager) is a complete solution for visual information mapping, collaboration, and task management that can be used on Windows and Mac desktops, via the web and on mobile devices

Website:   www.mindjet.com
Cost: Commercial. Free
Availability: Download
2015: –
2013: 92
2012: 59
2011: –
2010: –
2009: 55=
2008: 42=
2007: 17=

Comments from some of those who selected Mindjet as one of their Top Tools 

Pre-2013 comments

“great way to structure ideas and brainstorm” Martin Schlichte

“Mind-mapping – using diagrams used to represent words, ideas, tasks, and concepts linked to and arranged around a central topic (and used to generate, visualize, structure ideas), is central to the way I work, research, organize, solve problems, and make decisions. I built the framework for my MSc. in Education thesis in Mind Manager. It is powerful intermediary in developing ideas, concepts, and course design.” Michael Hanley

“One of my workhorses. It’s indispensable for anyone who thinks visually and needs to capture and organise their thoughts, notes, and plans. MindManager integrates very well with the Microsoft suite of products including Project, Word and PowerPoint. It also outputs in PDF and HTML. We have the free viewer on our corporate intranet so team members who don’t have MindManager can still view the native files.”  Charles Jennings

“This has to be the best tool for personal productivity. It is also fundamental in project management tasks and processes. During meetings it is integral to brainstorming, creativity and minute-taking processes and is loved by each person in the company”  Rebecca Jones