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MindMeister is collaborative brainstorming and mind mapping software that allows its users to visualize their thoughts in the cloud.

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 www.mindmeister.com Free and Premium versions Online
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Comments from some of those who selected Mindmeister as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2016

“This mindmapping tool is the cream of the crop. I use it constantly.” L&D Specialist, USA

Previous comments

“I’ve been really getting into this collaborative mindmapping tool. Recently created a collaborative mindmap as the basis for discussions in a conference session. People from round the world contributed and on the day delegates worked on it in real time.”  Rob Hubbard

“Mindmapping is a very powerful methodology for structuring your own ideas but also within workshops it can be a strong tool for both learners and trainers. MindMeister is a basic online tool. It stands out because of the clean and crispy interface, the excellent sharing options (share it really the way you want) and the user centric and personal service. MindMeister helps me to keep all the information in my head organized.” Marcel de Leeuwe

“Mind42 and Mindmeister – I’m currently torn between which of these tools I prefer.  They are very similar  in the capabilities and what they have that none of the other online tools has is simultaneous collaboration.   Team decision making, project planning, strategic planning, and brainstorming are a few of the activities that can be enhanced through collaborative mind mapping.”  Dave Lee