15 – Moodle

MoodleDOWN 3 PLACES IN 2015

Moodle has been on the list for a long time. Although it still has plenty of fans. there are others who think it is now showing its age.

Website: www.moodle.org
Cost: Free. Open Source
Availability: Download
2013: 11
2012: 11
2011: 8
2010: 10
2009: 14=
2008: 9
2007: 12=

Comment from those who selected Moodle as one of their Top Tools 

“lots of ways of using to scaffold learning” Rachel Burnham, 2015
“flexible, complete and for any kind of organisation| Gemma Lesterhuis, 2015

“great platform for housing course work and even better for collecting student work” Justine Poldevin, 2014
“you can download your own onto your machine” brilliant, 2014

“b-learning for all my subjects and language classes” 2013
“Another great LMS. Open source and widely used+developed”  Shakir Ahmad 2013
“I have a course for every year group in the school, this provides resources students can access at home”  Colleen Young 2013
“as an e-learning platform”
“my organisation’s LMS”  Zifang Su 2013
“Our School’s LMS, I put everything there and the quizzes are great”  Jason de Nys 2013
“VLE used with my students, also part of my M.Sc. Research Study”  Mark Rollins 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“it’s a great LMS, plus it’s free” Henrique Rabello

“I teach my own online courses using this. Very stable and easy to use”. Carol Cooper Taylor

“Moodle is the CMS in our Institute, but I also use it to organise groups and provide support” Brian Mulligan

“Who ever thought I’d own my own virtual learning environment? Moodle is much better than Blackboard, which is amazing considering the time and money the latter have had to come up with something better. The software continues to improve, although it’s already got everything I can think of” Clive Shepherd

“Moodle has to be my learning environment of choice. None of them are perfect, but Moodle is by far the simplest to use and is designed by people who understand pedagogy not just technology. It is open source and customisable, to the extent it can look like a slick company intranet as easily as a VLE for hundreds of thousands of students.” Helen Whitehead

“Every time I use the environment with learners I experience the quality and the many options of this learning environment. I like the didactical ideas behind the environment and if it matching your own model it will be a winner! Powerful learning experiences are within the reach of every creative learning designer and learner.” Marcel de Leeuwe

“the most popular, the most customizable, the most community driven VLE in existence” Mary Cooch