A complete Web Authoring System to rival programs like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Nvu (which stands for “new view”) makes managing a web site a snap. Now anyone can create web pages and manage a website with no technical expertise or knowledge of HTML.

This product is discontinued, although still available.  However, it has been picked up and also made available as Kompozer.

Not in the Top 100 in 2013

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Nvu and Kompozer Free Download
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Comments from some of those who selected Nvu as one of their Top Tools 

“The familiar WYSIWYG interface of NVU makes it very easy for students to create web pages without the need to master HTML directly.  In addition, having access to the HTML code and a CSS editor is very useful for engaging the more advanced students”  Patricia Donaghy
“This I found to be a master piece to design web pages without having any knowledge of HTML, XML, etc., Also, ability to upload the designed page is another attraction.”  N B Venkateswarlu