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A free PowerPoint add-in to create and share interactive online videos.

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 mix.office.com/ Free Download for PowerPoint13
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Comments from some of those who selected Office Mix as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2016

“Easily make engaging and interactive tutorials without learning a complex program. Add-in to PowerPoint makes this a quick tool to learn.” Michele Brown, Trainer/Instructor, USA

“Makes PowerPoint awesome again and a very easy tool for teachers.” Stefan Van De Velde, Online learning facilitator, Belgium

“Simple, fast, flexible and easy to use office Mix allows you to create audio/video presentations and quizzes better than any other tool.” Christian King, e-learning developer, Australia

“Use for making Powerpoint presentations available online that include both slides and voice over. Contains reports of analytics on use.” John Thompson, University/College teacher, Canada

“The top tool to “convert your PowerPoint to e-learning” (even if that is not always a good idea), almost dropped out of my list because Microsoft suddenly removed the support for SCORM export. But I give it the benefit of the doubt for another year, there is still LTI compatibility.” Jan Van De Belle, Consultant, Belgium

“Adds loads of features to Powerpoint, including quizzes for formative assessment, screencasting, ability to markup slides, and record voice and webcam over slides. Fantastic tool! Only wish it was also available for Mac.” Emily Clark, Instructional Technologist, Canada

Previous comments

“my “new kid on the block” this year. Why would you invest in expensive and complicated authoring tools if you just want to “convert your PowerPoint to e-learning” (even if that is not always a good idea)? Although this is certainly not a full blown, finished product, I think Microsoft deserves to be in the list because they seem to take this very seriously (SCORM export, LTI compatibility…) Certainly a tool to watch closely in the coming year!.” Jan Van Belle 2015