39 – Outlook

Microsoft Office Online

Outlook is the email client within the Microsoft Office suite.

This year, once again, a noticeable increase for Outlook on the list.

Website Cost Availability
www.microsoft.com/outlook Commercial – Free trial Download
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
39 49 69= 95= 67= 38= 17=

Comments from some of those who selected Outlook as one of their Top Tools 

useful for maintenance of communication with teachers and students  Brij Bhushan Huria 2013

  • “I continue to stick with Microsoft Office tools because they work and I know them back to front. Outlook is essential to the way I organise my work – I use it for email, RSS feeds, to-do lists, contacts and my calendar (but not my notes)” Clive Shepherd
  • “For mail, managing tasks and contacts”  Wilfred Rubens
  • “The email platform I use for corporate communication.”  Janet Clarey
  • “This is my organiser, I share this with my colleagues. It is synchronised with my Blackberry. I couldn’t be without it..”  Karen Ver
  • “Yes, I still read and write email, and I try to keep my Inbox as near zero as possible.  I also use Outlook as my central store for contacts and calendar.  I use it for Notes/Journal much less now that I use a Moleskin or MindManager for notes”  Jack Vinson