PaintShop Pro


Paint Shop Pro is a photo editing tool for basic photo jobs including cropping, removing red eye, and fixing colour.

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Comments from those who selected PaintShop Pro as one of their Top Tools 

“The most “approachable” picture editor for my use.”  Ed Lamaster

“I have created hundreds of diagrams with this software, edited my photographs, created web design elements, and more. Paint Shop Pro is what makes me keep a Windows laptop kicking around in the corner. There is nothing on the Mac or on Linux that works as well – Photoshop edits photos really well but is a lousy drawing tool, while the Gimp has what can only be described as a user-hostile interface.”  Stephen Downes

“Paint Shop Pro has always been a favourite for manipulating images and graphics. I’m not an expert who can stretch PhotoShop.”  Charles Jennings”