29 – Pinterest

DOWN 16 places

This visual bookmarking site has proved very popular as a way of saving images together with links to resources.

Website Cost Availability
www.pinterest.com Free Online
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Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2016 Top 100 Tools for
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Education 2016
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Comments from some of those who selected Pinterest as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2016

“for ideas and inspiration” e-learning developer, UK

“full of great learning assets, visually accessible, infographics, creativeness at its best” Annette Leeb, e-learning developer, Germany

“for curation of visual resources on a range of topics, easy to use and share” Teresa MacKinndon, University/College Teacher, UK

Previous comments

“classroom and personal life ideas. I just added Pinterest to my world about a year ago and just started using it around June. What a wonderful world of ideas for anything one may need. Also, I have thought about using it as a site to post student projects, etc.” Virginia Goen, 2015

“great potential for curation” Rachel Burnham, 2015
“great for finding new ideas for the classroom” Theresa Corpus, 2015

“I’m starting to organise useful resources outside of the official curriculum. For example, video tutorials, discussion topics, news and interesting facts.” Santiago González Chávez, 2015

“Perfect for proven ideas from other educators” Diane Lowery, 2014
“visual curation of resources for language learners” Teresa MacKinnon, 2014
“Just starting, but so far love collecting and sharing resources and inspiration” April 2014
“My curation tool and repository of my limited L&D wisdom” Tricia Ransom, 2014

“I create boards for specific units I’m teaching and then signpost students to them. I also have secret boards that I have for personal use.”  Jayne Whistance 2013
“My inspiration fulfiller”  Debra Robinson 2013
“for collecting ideas”  Sam Oakley 2013