49 – Pocket

SAME POSITION AS 2014 & 2013

Pocket lets you save pages on your computer or smartphone. so that you can read later, at home or work –  even without an internet connection.

Website:  www.getpocket.com
Cost: Free
Availability: Download
2013: 49
2012: 76
2011: 90=
2010: –
2009: –
2008: –
2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Pocket as one of their top tools

“Previously known as Read It Later. I use it to save blog posts and online articles. I read them on my iPad an Macbook (or at input for blog posts). I alsohave the opportunity to tweet, email or save them to Diigo or Evernote.” Wilfred Rubens, 2015

“my online content curation and archive tool” JD Dillon 2014

“Quick and easy to save a site to read it later” 2013
“Little bookmarklet means you can easily “put it in your pocket” for later” 2013