19 – PowToon

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PowToon is an online software tool that allows you to create animated video explainers – for business or education.

Website:   www.powtoon.com
Cost: Free and premium versions
Availability: Online
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Comments from some of those who selected PowToon as one of their top tools

“I was slow to warm to this little tool, which helps you create short cartoons in a relatively short period of time. But the spirit eventually grabbed me and now I have a lot of fun with this tool – whether to promote a new learning module or just goofing around. Looking for something that’s a little different – not quite a full-on elearning module but much more fun that a plain old email announcing the roll-out of a new training offering? Give it a try!” Brian Washburn, 2015

“A different nice way to create educational content,” Despina, Kalilali, 2014