11 – Prezi

preziUP 2 PLACES IN 2015

Prezi is seen as an alternative to PowerPoint in that it supports the creation of non-linear presentations. They are also easily shareable online.

Website:  www.prezi.com
Cost: Free and premium versions
Availability: Online
2013: 15
2012: 14
2011: 7
2010: 12
2009: 28
2008: –
2007: –

Comments from some who selected Prezi as one of their Top Tools 

“Prezi has become my defacto presentation medium for projects that do not absolutely require a boring PowerPoint presentation. The movement and uniqueness of this application creates an interactive and engaging experience.” Rob Wiltbank, 2014

“helps me think much more deeply about a subject” Mike Collins, 2014
“an eyecatching way of making presentations” John Wishart, 2014
“makes presenting so much more interesting!” Justine Poldevin, 2014
“provides something other than a PowerPoint when I’m weary of creating 5 of them in a row” Jamie Seger 2014

“I use in all my subjects and my language teaching/learning classes for presentations in the classroom (teacher’s and students’) and for collaborative on-line work” 2013
“cool way to layout or map ideas on multiple levels”  Danny Ortegon 2013
“great free presentation tool” 2013
“pretty presentations; lack of Voicethread integration frustrating”  Lyra Hilliard 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“nice for presentations, dynamic”. Maria de los Angeles Castro

“great new way to catch attention” Martin Schlichte

“Online zooming presentation tool – like a mindmap but with almost infinite zooming and paths. I’ve been using this since Beta release and really rate it. My only gripe is the bloated files it produces. Would love to use this as navigation for an elearning course or as the front end to an LMS” Rob Hubbard

“This should be the death of PowerPoint in my opinion. Not that PP is a terrible tool, but the way it inherently asks you to make a presentation (with bullets in a linear fashion) is just plain wrong in my opinion. Prezi is much better to give users a non-linear presentation which networks your concepts together. Plus it looks great and embodies what a great SaaS experience should be – innovative and truly adding value to the process.” Ben Betts