60 – Scoopit


Scoopit is a social media publishing platform where users curate content on their favourite topics and share it as a visual magazine.

Website: www.scoop.it
Cost: Free and premium plans
Availability: Online
2013: 23
2012: 24
2011: 33
2010: –
2009: –
2008: –
2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Scoopit as one of their top tools

“I curate five topics on Scoop.it (example). You really learn something when you share it with someone else. As master curator Robin Good suggests, you need to give your opinion to add value. It keeps you on your toes. Plus, searching for fresh content puts you in touch with the latest news.” Jay Cross, 2015

“Colecciono, clasifico y comparto todo aquello que me interesa y encuentro en la red.” Marta Toran, 2015

“I maintain a scoop.it page on which I clip articles, posts and images, and have built a reasonable following of others I follow there and who follow me. Not as robust a feed as Twitter, but more focused and topical. I have found that for me it works better than other similar tools (paper.li, Pinterest, etc.), especially the feature that allows me to comment on each clip, quoting or summarizing why I thought it “scoop worthy”.” Ben Carmel, 2015

“Great tool if you want to share your insights extensiveness without writing blog posts. I scoop about technology enhanced learning. I think it’s important not only to share links, but ook short personal reflections”. Wilfred Rubens, 2015

“slick curation tool with the benefit of a community behind it” Stephen Dale, 2014
“useful aggregation/curation tool” Mike Collins, 2014

“easy way to stay in touch with favorite topics”  Robin Long 2013
“keep up to date with stuff haven’t been able to read in your information streams” 2013