60 – WebEx


Cisco WebEx is web conferencing and meeting software that combines file and presentation sharing with voice, HD video and meeting spaces.

Website:   www.webex.com
Cost: Commercial
Availability: Online and apps
2013: 44
2012: 54
2011: 85=
2010: 67=
2009: –
2008: –
2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected WebEx as a one of their Top Tools

“very reliable, easy to use and complete web conferencing tool. An international company could not do without it.” Jan Van Belle, 2015

“online meetings with remote co-workers” 2013

Pre-2013 comments

” I’ve used a number of virtual classroom tools over the years, and there are lots available. I’ve just cut over from Microsoft Live Meeting to Webex Training Center. Webex does sharing, interaction, breakout sessions and video very well.”  Charles Jennings