Yahoo Mail


Yahoo Mail is a web-based email system from Yahoo with unlimited storage.

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Comments from some of those that selected Yahoo Mail as one of their Top Tools 

“with integrated feed reader (free) – The new version of yahoo mail is great. Email in general is an indispensible facilitator of eLearning. The integrated feed reader is handy in that I don’t need to navigate to a separate reader (such as google reader) to view my feeds. I find feeds are a great way of keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world, paticularly in the eLearning/technology sector” Karen OBrien

“My favourite email account service. I have been using it for ages and it usually works with no problems. The new version has brought some new functionalities which are quite practical, such as to be able to chat with whom from your contacts is in Yahoo! Messenger without logging in to it. The RSS feed feature is also a good idea, although I am not using it that much these days.” Cristina Costa