28 – Yammer


Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Networking platform has become a popular social collaboration and knowledge sharing platform both in businesses and education.

Website: www.yammer.com
Cost: Free to set up; commercial to obtain admin rights
Availability: Online.
2013: 20
2012: 20
2011: 31
2010: 68=
2009: 71=
2008: –
2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Yammer as a one of their Top Tools 

“Yammer – my organisation introduced Yammer late last year and since then I have found to be a fantastic way to connect with people I wouldn’t have been able to as easily in the past. Particularly as I work for a global organisation I can now connect with other learning professionals in my organisation that I’d never heard of before. Another great way to share what we are working on as well as sharing resources both those developed in-house and recommendations of externally available resources/articles etc. For example I was able to share my discovery of Learning Now TV”

“way to connect with my client’s organisation and team from outside when they can’t access public social tools.” Helen Blunden, 2015

“the enterprise social network in our company keeps us up to date of what is happening in the various locations and business units.” Jan Van Belle

“used to network with colleagues at my workplace. It is useful to find out what others are doing as I work in such a large organisation.”  Jayne Whistance 2013
“ESN for organisational networking”  Helen Blunden 2013
“business sharing”  Paul Jacobs 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“our internal real-time messaging tool” Stephanie Horden