3 – YouTube


YouTube is a free video sharing site where users can upload, view and share videos.

Website Cost Availability
www.youtube.com Free Online & Apps
2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
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Comments from some of those that selected YouTube as one of their Top 10 Tools

“YouTube for promotional and information videos about our course.” Linda Willis, 2014

“the standard for videos” Danny Ortegonm 2014
“great for using in the classroom for a variety of reasons” Tanya Lau 2014
“still lots of trivia, so you need to hunt out the good stuff” Stephen Dale, 2014
“great video platform with stacks of channels. I love it’s immediacy and how quickly new things can be shared” Justine Poldevin, 2014
“almost everyday helper to get information” Olga Vareli, 2014
“I haven’t posted, but I learn a TON of things here” April 2014
“video is the single most important teaching tool we have outside of a great teacher” 2014
“upload your own videos and use the annotation features to link to related content or to ask your students questions” Nicole Naditz, 2014

“view, download and upload videos” 2013
“searching for how to Natalie Raeber” 2013
“Similar to Slideshare, but there are also much more noise regarding the content on Youtube. However, there are tons of relevant learning resources on youtube which I find relevant to my daily work and life” 2013
“Learning made fun and engaging”  Akash Bhatia 2013
“I use this in class for teaching Business English – short introductions to topics such as branding; also adverts to discuss media and creative problem-solving ideas.”  Jayne Whistance 2013
“one of the quickest ways to find the answer to ‘how do I?'”  Charles Jennings 2013
“see it, know it, do it”  Paul Jacobs 2013
“Post and use educational videos”  Jason de Nys 2013
“for science the info from emerging monarchs to scaling the universe is endless”  Robin Long 2013
“you can learn about almost anything on YouTube”  Shannon Bosley 2013
“my channel for all of my video resources; ubiquitous/ students know how to use” Lyra Hilliard  2013


“great instructional videos on how to use blogs, etc.; plus lots of fun things to use to start classes and gain student attention” Sarah Davis

“You can learn almost anything on YouTube”. Henrique Rabello

“there are so many treasures waiting to be found ” Jochen Robes

“YouTube does for video what SlideShare does for presentations. There are excellent video clips online with enhance classes and training, and I love the ability to embed videos into blogs, wikis, or learning management systems” Britt Wattwood

“The ability to quickly create a small learning piece and then distribute it to thousands of people instantaneously is great for quick pieces of instruction. I embed YouTube and TeacherTube videos into wikis and blogs all the time.” Karl Kapp