Web Browsers

Last updated: November 21, 2019 at 19:23 pm

Web browsers. Listed in alphabetical order.

3D Browse
The Browse3D web browser offers user a visual advantage making finding and using web information more productive.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download

Bitty Browser
Bitty Browser helps you keep track of your favourite Web stuff by enabling navigable windows directly within your favorite sites
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download

Small disposable privacy browser.`
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download

Firefox is an award winning, open source browser. There are also thousands of add-ons that enhance its functionality.
Cost: Free. Open source  | Available: Download
Ranking on Top 200 Tools for Learning 2019: 125
See more at www.toptools4learning.com/firefox/

Google Chrome
Chrome can be used across multiple platforms, and there are now many plugins and extensions available to extend its functionality.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download
Ranking on Top 200 Tools for Learning 2019: 35
See more at www.toptools4learning.com/google-chrome/

iLunascape for iPhone is a light, simple tabbed web browser.
Cost: Free | Available: Download app

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge has replaced Internet Explorer (IE) ias the web browser that comes as part of the Windows operating system
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download
Ranking on Top 200 Tools for Learning 2019: 167
See more at www.toptools4learning.com/microsoft-edge/

Download the free browser for faster, easier and safer web surfing.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download

Safari is a web browser from Apple that runs on both Mac OS as well as Windows.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download

The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop the SeaMonkey all-in-one internet application suite.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download

The ultimate in web browsing without an address bar.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download

Do More, Work Smarter, Browse Better.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download (for Windows)

Tabbed, multi-site browser.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download (for Windows)

Swiftfox is an optimized build of Mozilla Firefox.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Download

Twiddla is a no-setup place for co-browsing with others.
Cost:  Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

A browser for power-users
Cost:  Free   |  Available: Hosted