Learning Platforms & Learning Management Systems

Last updated: January 24, 2022 at 12:19 pm

Platforms and systems used to host and manage online learning  – LMS, CMS as well as Learning Experience Platforms  Listed in alphabetical order.

LRN is the world’s most widely adopted enterprise-class open source software for supporting e-learning and digital communities.
Cost: Free. Open Source  |  Available: Download

360Learning drives scalable business impact. Trusted by 1,200 customers worldwide including LVMH, AXA & Criteo.
Cost: Free and Premium versions  | Availability: Hosted

Abara LMS
Modern, mobile-first LMS, specially designed for corporates, training and elearning companies with best in class features. Suitable for small businesses and large enterprises.

Absorb LMS
Absorb LMS is a powerful and flexible Learning Management System. It’s intuitive, easy to set up, easy to use, and completely brandable.
Cost: Free. Premium versions  |  Available: Hosted

accessplanit provides powerful all-in-one Training Management Software and Learning Management Systems to businesses that deliver training.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Administrate is a training management solution delivered from the cloud.
Cost: Commercial. Free Trial  |  Available: Hosted

Agylia LMS enables organisations to provide their learners with digital learning, including, eLearning, videos, performance support and microlearning, all in one powerful responsive learner portal.
Cost: Commercial.  |  Available: Hosted

Aktiv Mind LMS
Aktiv Mind LMS provides an online cloud based training software for businesses to create courses and tests in order to train their employees, or for schools to educate their students.
Cost: Commercial. Free Trial  |  Available: Download

Allen Enterprise Learning Portal
The Allen Enterprise Learning Portal has all the core functionality of larger LMSes, but custom-tailored to meet your unique business needs.
Cost: Commercial |  Available: Hosted/Installed

Arlo Training Management software
Arlo is for training providers who want to save time and crush sales targets. It is a complete solution to promote, sell and deliver courses
Cost: Free and/or Premium versions: Free trial available |  Available: Hosted

Articulate Online
Track e-learning created with Storyline or Presenter through Articulate Online.
Cost: Commercial. Free Trial  |  Available: Hosted

ATutor is LMS, used to develop online courses and create elearning content.
Cost: Free. Open Source  |  Available: Hosted


Micro-learning platform
Cost: Commercial | Available: Hosted

aNewSpring is the next generation LMS for training providers.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Download

Axis LMS
The Axis LMS is a uniquely powerful and affordable training solution for companies of any size.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

My Big Campus is a buzzing educational community built around all the features you need in an LMS—plus a lot more you didn’t even think to ask for.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

BIS Learning Management Solution
BIStrainer Learning Management System (LMS) provides all the benefits of an enterprise-level LMS without the complication.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Download/Installed

Blackboard is an educational learning management system
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Installed

The Bridge Suite is employee development software for companies who put their people first. The suite encompasses three training and development products.
Cost: Commercial. Free Trial  |  Available: Hosted

Agilix Buzz is a 21st century learning platform designed specifically for K-12 learners.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Installed

Canvas is a new style course management system for schools that is adaptable, customizable, easy to use and mobile.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

Chamilo Learning Management System is a piece of software that allows you to create a virtual campus for the provision of online or semi-online training.
Cost: Free. Open Source  |  Available: Hosted

Claroline Connect
Claroline Connect is free and open next generation software to easily deploy a platform for learning and collaboration online.
Cost: Free. Open Source  |  Available: Hosted

Cloud based student information and learning management system that provides educational institutions a single unified approach to manage the entire organisation through the Cloud.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

click class
e-Learning system designed to enable people to rapidly author, deliver and manage their own modular online learning content.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Cognician is a question-centered e-learning platform. Cognician drives performance using powerful, personalized, practical questions.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Collaborize Classroom
A free collaborative education platform for students and teachers.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

From one centralized system, deliver instructor-led training (ILT), virtual learning, exams, certifications, and compliance content for training and developing employees.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

e-Learning Software and Services for rapid Course Creation, Management, Improvement, Conversion, Development and Strategic Assessment.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

Aggregate all your learner Contact, Account and Gradebook data in one place. Track course module access and grades.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

CourseMill is a learning management system, that delivers, manages and tracks online training results.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Course Sites
CourseSites is an online course creation and facilitation service for K–12 teachers, college and university instructors to add a web–based component to their courses.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

Course Toolkit
Course Toolkit is a Web-Based Learning Management System enabling trainers to offer course content and tests to students online.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

CourseWebs is a full-featured Learning Content Management System with modules for assessment, enrolment, content management, reporting, and more.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

A diversity education app for Slack. It delivers weekly bite-sized content to employees and uses machine learning to create unique learning paths for each individual.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Download

Turn online training into social learning experiences
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Curricula by AvePoint
A frictionless learning management system embedded in Microsoft Teams allowing employees to remain in their workflow while they learn and collaborate with others.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

An online platform for education designed by learning experts that can help you engage the next generation workforce.
Cost: Commercial for enterprises |  Available: Hosted

The lifelong learning platform. Learning experience platform
Cost: Free for individuals. Commercial for enterprises |  Available: Hosted

Digital Chalk
Digital Chalk is a complete solution for creating and delivering your training online.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted/Download

dita solutions
The dita suite of products come jam packed with all the tools you need to design, create and manage your own or existing online and face to face training.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Docebo is a modular LMS with a unique design – feature rich yet easy to use.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Dojo Learning : Create and share online training courses in minutes.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Dokeos Manager is a complete Learning Management System. With Dokeos Author, customised training can be designed in a few clicks.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

DOTS is a fully integrated web based learning and talent management solution.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

EasyCampus is an affordable cloud-hosted LMS used by nonprofits and companies.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Easy LMS
Looking for an easy and effective LMS? Create online e-learning courses, quizzes, tests and assessments with our easy to use LMS.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Brings new levels of engagement and visibility to the daily learning moments – those moments of learning that occur while taking notes, asking questions, reviewing lectures, etc.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

EctoLearning is a social, collaborative, online learning environment and a full Learning Management System (LMS) with attendance tracking, and assessment engine.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

EdCast is an AI-powered Knowledge Cloud for Unified Discovery , Personalized Learning and Sales Enablement
Cost: Commercial. |. Availability: Online

Feature-rich and easy to use Learning Management System.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Ed Microlearning
Ed is simpler & smarter workplace learning. A better mobile LMS and integrated authoring tool designed for today’s digital habits, delivering more engaging and effective microlearning.
Cost: Free and premium versions  |  Available: Download

Edmodo is a private social platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events and assignments.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

Create and manage e-learning software.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Download

Cloud-based LMS featuring a full feature set, intuitive UI, user dashboards, 40+ canned reports, supports SCORM, Tin Can, xAPI, LRS, LTI, mobile learning, custom branding and eCommerce.
Cost: Free and Premium versions  |  Available: Hosted

Learning platforms for the web, schools, campus and enterprise.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Two main modules: Lesson Builder to promote the usage of digital resources; Classroom Manager to minimize distractions.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Download

EduWave LMS goes above and beyond your traditional LMS with tools that allow you to emphasize individualized learning and the Common Core Standards.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Installed

A learning and talent development platform, bundled with enterprise functionality ranging from skill-gap analysis and branch management to tailor-made reports.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

eLeaP LMS is flexible, adaptable and customizable – and so easy to use it can be up and running in a matter of minutes with no special training.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

eloomi is an engaging, cloud based LMS & performance management software, that will take your organization to the next level.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Empowered LMS
Empowered is the LMS that focusses on you, your people and your business. We pride ourselves on creating solutions tailored to our customers’ unique need.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

eNetLearn® is a customisable learning management system (LMS). It provides a robust online portal where you can deliver, track, measure and evaluate your learning.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Engrade Instruct
Engrade Instruct empowers teachers with helpful technology tools and keeps students engaged with interactive learning.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Enterprise Study
The friendliest LMS company in the market.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

ePath Learning
ePath Learning develops cloud-based, learning management software that improves training and human performance for organizations.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

E-qual Electronic Portfolio ia a complete eportfolio and online assessment tool
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

eThink LMS Solutions
eThink Education provides a fully-managed eLearning solution including cloud hosting, implementation, integration, consultation, and management services for open-source Moodle, and Totara.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted/Download/Installed

E-Worx is an instructional platform created specifically for Local Distribution Companies, to provide training content efficiently, conveniently and cost-effectively.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Pinpoint skill gaps, minimise training time and maximise workforce productivity with 3,000+ bite-sized, personalized Microsoft and Business training courses additional information in one line.
Cost: Commercial  |. Availability: Online

A dead simple, flexible online training system. Template-based for rapid deployment.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Fronter is all about education. To improve education and make it more available, we build and deliver a teacher friendly learning platform.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

A personalised online learning environment that combines a set of free learning tools that encourage students to create their own resources and learn in an active way.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

Google Classroom
A tool in the G Suite for Education. It helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

Grovo is a next-generation learning solution for today’s workforce.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Easy to use mobile and social learning platform –  to coach and train your employees the smart and engaging way.
Cost: Free and premium versions  |  Available: Hosted/Download/Installed by vendor

Haiku Learning
Haiku Learning is a full suite of cloud-based tools designed to get you up and running with digital learning in minutes.
Cost: Free and premium versions  |  Available: Hosted

Halogen Learning
Halogen Learning is an award-winning, cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that lets you schedule, manage and track all your learning activities and paths.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

IBM Social Learning
Inspires people to engage with one another, contribute expertise and learn from others using interactive media in near real time.
Cost: Commercial |  Available: Hosted/Installed

ILIAS is a multi-purpose tool that can be used as a flexible course player, as an authoring tool, but also as a communication and collaboration platform.
Cost: Free. Open source  |  Available: Hosted

Use the Inspired Learning Management System (iLMS) to deliver, track and manage all of your online and instructor-led training programs in 21 languages.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

IMC Learning Suite
IMC’s Learning Management System, is both highly functional and extremely easy to use.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

MPROVE is the first ever online training platform specifically for SMEs. We have created a Simple, Affordable, Flexible and Modern way to train your staff.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Intellum Exceed
Intellum’s Exceed LMS handles off-the-shelf and custom courseware, instructor-led, “blended,” and virtual classes, videos, and a wide range of informal learning content.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

iSpring Learn LMS
In iSpring Learn, simplicity is combined with advanced functionality in all core aspects: deploying the LMS, populating account with content, managing users, and tracking results.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Jolly Deck
JollyDeck is an e-learning and performance management platform. Our software allows companies to create and deliver great and innovative e-learning experiences.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Complete solution for your eLearning website, business training program or commercialized platform to sell courses.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Download

JZero LMS contains the training system requirements of numerous fortune 500 companies built in as standard. It’s features and flexibility are unmatched in the market place.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Kallidus Learning Management System is a flexible, comprehensive solution to streamline the deployment, management and analysis of your complete blended learning programme.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Download

Knowledge Anywhere LMS
Supports multilingual, multi-device employee training delivered in an online format.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Knowledge Direct LMS
Knowledge Direct’s easy-to-use, complete Learning Management System (LMS) is available in versions for Associations and for Medical.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

LAMS is a tool for designing, delivery and managing online collaborative learning activities.It provides teachers with a highly visual authoring environment.
Cost: Free. Open source  |  Available: Download

LatitudeLearning is the affordable learning platform that will help you achieve your training goals by delivering mission-critical training when and where it matters most.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

All the software you need to manage your classroom and school.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

WordPress LMS plugin
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Download

LearnerWeb LMS
A feature-rich LMS. Based on a Framework. Built around a Workflow.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Learning Cart
LearningCart makes it easy to sell courses, events, and physical products. SCORM compliant, highly customizable, with plugins for services like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Analytics and more!
Cost: Commercial |  Available: Hosted

Learning Locker
Learning Locker is an open source Learning Record Store (LRS); a type of database designed to store learning activity statements generated by xAPI (Tin Can) compliant learning activities.
Cost: Free. Open source  |  Available: Download

LearnUpon is used by small training companies who want to sell their courses online to large corporations who need an LMS to deliver online training to their staff, clients and partners.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Learning Management Online portal system
CISAT LMS is a leader in the e-learning industry because its learning management software system is flexible, adaptable and customizable.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Modern learning software that helps sales and support teams do better work.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

A simple, easy to use, flexible and scalable web-based training system.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

Litmos is the world’s easiest to use Learning Management System. Litmos has over 1,000,000 users and is used by large enterprise companies, SMBs and not-for-profits.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

LMS King
LMS King is an eLearning Management System for the Joomla! Content Management System.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Download

Create a course website with assignments, calendar, syllabus, and discussion tools.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

Mahara is a fully featured web application to build your electronic portfolio. You can create journals, upload files, embed social media resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups.
Cost: Free. Open Source  |  Available: Download

A cloud-based talent and learning management system for all sizes of companies and educational institution
Cost: Free and Commercial versions |  Available: Installed

With Meridian, organizations can quickly on-board, strategically train and continuously develop your entire workforce.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Installed

me:time is a curated, on-demand service designed for employees to learn what, when and where they want, on any device.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Availability: Online

Mindtree Shotclasses
A mobile sales platform that transforms training by combining microlearning and gamification. Shotclasses is the app you need to drive engagement with social learning/gamification.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Availability: Installed


The world’s free learning platform that helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative, private environment.
Cost: Free. Open source  |  Available: Download
See more at www.toptools4learning.com/moodle/

Moodle Rooms
They host Moodle in the cloud to provide a reliable and scalable platform for you to host your classes. They’ve also  developed powerful enhancements in areas like personalised learning, advanced reports and grading.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

A simple, powerful LMS for schools and universities.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

NetDimensions Learning
An integrated environment for authoring, managing, and publishing multiple content such as online courseware, instructor manuals, reference materials, as well as performance support products.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

NeuroK is the online cooperative educative platform focused on motivation as learning engine.  Designed under the principles of neurodidactics.
Cost: Free and commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Next-generation social learning platform. When the classroom extends seamlessly to the web, everybody wins.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

OLAT (Online Learning and Training) is an LMS (Learning Management System) tailored to the needs of Universities and Higher Education institutions.
Cost: Free. Open source  |  Available: Download

Omni Social Learning
Mzinga’s OmniSocial Learning provides a broad range of collaboration features along with learning management and performance technologies.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Open Elms has been the world’s most popular alternative to Moodle since 1993 – featuring a clean interface focussed at the training needs of business.
Cost: Free. Open source  |  Available: Download

Go beyond microlearning.  Deliver daily personalized training.  Give your learners what they really want – engaging, adaptive online training that only takes minutes a day.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Paradiso LMS
Cloud-based LMS for the next generation that appeals to Small, Mid, and Large enterprises.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

A beautiful and engaging learning platform for the modern workforce.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Pearson Learning Studio
Pearson LearningStudio is built to support rapidly growing, fully online programs. Will retire on 1 January 2018.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

PebblePad is a Personal Learning Space and portfolio platform, used in colleges, universities and professional bodies. Can be used independently by individuals.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Availability: Online. Download app

Support the natural way people learn and develop. Created for guidance professionals from a client’s perspective.
Cost: Free and premium plans  |  Available: Hosted

Allows educators, administrators, parents and students to effectively manage school processes and data.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Installed

ProProfs LMS
Online LMS software for businesses.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Psalter Digital
Psalter Digital builds bespoke e-learning management systems for training companies, businesses and other organisations that deliver learning
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Qintil LMS
Smart learning and compliance software for businesses of all sizes. You can now find, deliver, track and send alerts to your organisation ensuring compliance.
Cost: Free and Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

RCampus is a comprehensive Education Management System and a collaborative learning environment.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Saba’s comprehensive and continuous learning management system delivers a learning experience with social, informal, micro, video and mobile learning.
Cost: Commercial.  | Available: Hosted

Instructors and learners share knowledge, collaborate and engage in a wide spectrum of technology-enabled learning experiences, supported by an intuitive, modern user interface.
Cost: Free. Open source  |  Available: Download

SAP SuccessFactors
SAP SuccessFactors is a complete, cloud-based human resource management ( HR) system that covers everything from payroll to employee engagement.
Cost: Commercial  |. Availability: Online

Schoology is a course management system and social network for K-12 schools and higher education institutions focused on collaboration, that allows users to create, manage, and share academic content.
Cost: Free and enterprise versions  |  Available: Hosted

SharePoint LMS
Create, deliver, and track online training with SharePoint.
Cost: Commercial |  Available: Hosted/Download

Skill Lake
Skill Lake is an LMS with capabilities like personalized learning paths, mentoring, gamification, dual learning options, & more.
Cost: Commercial |  Available: Installed by vendor

SkilSure builds interactive learning modules with embedded quiz questions to test understanding, & a final test writes the learner’s outcome to your member database
Cost: Commercial |  Available: Hosted

SkyPrep LMS
SkyPrep specializes in automating and transitioning any aspect of your employee training to an online platform, simply, and painlessly.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

SmarterU LMS
Providing both a Learning Management System (LMS) and Online Training Course Design.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

SumTotal Learn
Develop and expand your talent with a real-time learning management system.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Installed

SupraTix LMS
A proprietary software-based LMS, that facilitates the management, delivery, and measurement of an organization’s corporate elearning programs and elearning activity of educational institutes
Cost: Free. Premium versions | Availability: Hosted

Swift LMS
Swift is an emerging e-learning services company providing technology-enabled eLearning solutions to the organizations across the globe. We design effective learning solutions for business needs.
Cost: Free. Premium versions | Availability: Hosted

A super-easy, cloud LMS to train your employees, partners and customers
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Portfolio platform to showcase learning & skills, in and outside of classrooms
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

The all-in-one platform to create, market and sell your online courses.
Cost: Free and premium versions  |  Available: Hosted
Ranking on Top 100 Tools for Learning 2020: 191
See more at www.toptools4learning.com/thinkific/

ThinkingCap LMS
The Thinking Cap Learning Management System (LMS) is easy to set up, customizable beyond anything you’ve seen, and totally secure.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

An intuitive, complete and proven Learning Management.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted/Download

Topyx is a social learning management system.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Totara Learn
Achieve your business objectives through effective learning and development with the Totara Social Learning Management System (based on the Moodle platform).
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed

The authoring, delivery, tracking, all-in-one, hosted LMS solution.
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted

Training Orchestra
Training Orchestra designs Training Management Software for training departments and training centres.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed


Drag and drop your videos and documents. Create quizzes, slides, and homework. Schedule live training sessions, events, and meetings.
Cost: Commercial, Free Trial | Available: Hosted

Add students to a private social network. Here, they can answer questions, collaborate on problems, and even embed pictures and videos. As a teacher you have full control over the network.
Cost: Free  |  Available: Hosted

Udutu LMS is all you need to create and deploy dynamic online courses.
Cost: Free. (Hosting per screen charge where required)  |  Available: Hosted.

A comprehensive LMS that is a blend of tradition and innovation.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Hosted

Valamis helps to create engaging learning experiences, manage competencies, and meet regulatory compliance. Tracks, stores, shares and summarize all learning activities.
Cost: Free and Commercial editions |  Available: Hosted/Download

Learning Record System. Lets you measure training effectiveness and optimize your investments in learning.
Cost: Commercial |  Available: Hosted

WebMentor LMS
A Learning Management System for small businesses.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Installed

Wisetail LMS
The Wisetail LMS gives you the tools, flexibility and control you need to truly empower your learners and drive engagement.
Cost: Commercial  |  Available: Installed

WizIQ is a cloud-based education delivery platform. Using its virtual classroom you can host webinars, online conferences and web meetings of any size.
Cost: Commercial, Free Trial | Available: Hosted

XACROS is a communication platform that connects school communities everyday. By engaging everyone, educators, parents and students use XACROS to enjoy the convenience of collaborative learning experiences.
Cost: Free  | Available: Hosted

Zavango Ascend
Video based learning and analytics platform to easily develop and manage comprehensive learning programs involving high quality interactive videos and smart analytics to track success and engagement
Cost: Commercial. Free trial  |  Available: Hosted/Installed by vendor